Complete control over your cloud infrastructure management!

WINLINE cloud infrastructure services support the enterprises / SME organizations to plan, build and manage the cloud environments with a portfolio of choice and flexibility for their applications through our world-class data center. With WINLINE cloud managed services organizations can reduce their cost, improved scalability, greater flexibility and better business continuity with our cloud IT solutions for some or all managed IT needs.

Ensuring a systematic and organized creation of cloud based infrastructure, organizations are no longer strategically limited by the high capital expense, maintenance and support, and operating costs of in-house hardware systems. WINLINE cloud IT infrastructure also includes our own hosted data center, public / private cloud service offerings that facilitate with host virtual data centers, virtual data desktops and multi-tenant enterprise services.

We deliver a hybrid cloud based IT infrastructure, includes:

  • Private, public and hybrid deployment models
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and BPaaS delivery models

Obsolescence and compliance information can easily updated with Cloud!

WINLINE has established a strong partner ecosystem with leading cloud providers to deliver agile, cost-effective and secured cloud technology services.

  • Leverage on-demand cloud infrastructure solutions and improve your resource utilization
  • Enable agile business platforms to accelerate time-to-market
  • Operate in a secure environment and ensure seamless business continuity

Our cloud service management experts provide the holistic approach to your business needs ensure the cloud migration is smooth and seamless.

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Avoids delays and manages costs by ensuring users have the right information with cloud approach!

We empowers your organizations to improve their IT managed services, resource utilization and provides the much-needed scalability and agility for new business creation