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In today's technology-driven society, protecting your investment in online presence and marketing is essential. Websites are compromised every day by malware, viruses and hackers and ensuring you have an adequate backup is critical to maintaining your business continuity online. WINLINE offers automated hourly, daily, weekly or monthly website backups of your Joomla or Wordpress-driven website to off-site, world-leaders in cloud storage. We can fully automate backups to either Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3), Rackspace CloudFiles or even to your Dropbox account. The best part is that our all-in-one backup files are like a website in a bag. Should your live website become compromised at any time, we can use the backup files to restore your entire website to the most recent state within as little as an hour's time.


Automatically Backup Your Joomla Or Wordpress Website To The Cloud!

Key Features:

  • Customizable website backup schedules - Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly backups
  • Flexible storage providers - Rackspace CloudFiles, Amazon S3, Dropbox
  • Self-Extracting website backups
  • Each backup is a complete self-installing backup of your entire website, including databases and all files
  • Works with Joomla or Wordpress Website Software (All WINLINE sites are built on either Joomla or Wordpress Content Management Systems)

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