Security audits provide a fair and measurable way to examine how secure a organizations really is.

Organizations evaluate the risk and remedial measures to find and fix security vulnerabilities, is not adequate enough for an assurance that organizational information assets are well protected. The policies may not be adequate or the compliance with the policies may not be adequate. WINLINE information security audit is a systematic, measurable technical assessment of how the organization’s security policy is employed with their information security audit program and IT security solutions, to ensure that their networks, systems, data and customers are protected from the rising tide of cybercrime.

WINLINE provide a comprehensive evaluation on security policies, procedures, controls and mechanisms upon their industry standards.

  • External and Internal Penetration Testing
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Host Security Configuration assessment
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Network Architecture Security Assessment
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Virtual infrastructure Assessment
  • Security Awareness Program Assessment

WINLINE information technology security audit and information security audit program covers:

  • Create a security benchmark for your organization
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of current security practices
  • Provide risk mitigation recommendations consistent with compliance regulations, security industry best practices, client industry best practices, and client business objectives.
  • Help to make informed decisions to allocate budgets and resources in order to most effectively manage risk.

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