Accelerate your Digital Transformation to Mitigate Risk exposure

As organization adapts the demand from the digital era, tougher environmental regulations, cost of compliance, liquidity, operations and business reputation; risk management is major budget of business strategy to approach an IT risk management design-thinking methods, risk and compliance consulting analytics and advance digital technologies. WINLINE team members work together to make your systems smarter and efficient through our enterprise-wide approach that is yet cost effective.

WINLINE enables the organizations to achieve a high-functioning, integrated audit and risk management solutions. Our integrated approach allows you to manage the risk and compliance consulting services that strengthen an organization capabilities. Also our domain expertise helps you to identify the business opportunities, mitigate and report on operational guidance, financial crisis, compliance, and IT risks.


Mitigate your equity risk – Practice expertise and automation is our specialty!

WINLINE focus on risk and compliance advisory services that directly affecting or influencing IT.

  • Security through Innovation – We provide the right set of tools, best of breed solutions and practices, to build a strong risk appetite and strengthen the customers risk management and compliance.
  • Full-Service Solutions – Our audit and risk management solutions for clients includes a several layers of proprietary frameworks and methodologies. We help the organizations to manage their financial segments in the areas of credit, market, IT operation and compliance – via consulting, integration and professional services.
  • Regulatory Database – Our regulatory reporting reduce the 25% of implementation on the IT timelines. Our domain experts identify and collate the risk data to provide the in-depth information, address the various risk reporting requirements and collated risk data elements – with a configurable based on Basel III, CRD IV, Dodd-Frank, the Volcker Rule, etc.
  • Risk Visualization & Reporting Framework – Get the superior oversight of organizations – dashboards, charts, diagrams and reports, presented in user-friendly formats with centralized real time data views of risk and visual alerts that allows you to take quick action within TAT. Our unique “bottom-up” level approach measures the risk of individual exposures, then moves up to hierarchy data elements – rather than the traditionally way.

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We help customers in making-decision better during the risk and compliance consulting services.

We allows the clients to leverage the business risk management knowledge of our proprietary regulatory database, while also building customized components unique to your needs.